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Motion Controlled Sliders

Making precise shots easy since 1998

6' motion sliders with clip .JPG

The Set up

The Shot

Choice of the hand operated, organic movement of the motion sliders, or the 6 Axis camera control of the Hot Gearstm repeatable Slidertm system.

Easy hand

Plug & Play

Endless lengths
& options

Our Motorized sliders are the perfect tool for vehicle, stunt work, or any application when remote operation is on the shot list

Motion SLider replace the other one_edited.jpg

Unique camera moves

motion las vegas 1.jpg

Custom repeatable installation
Hot gears 

Mehran Salamati SOC
Winner of the SOC Technical achievement award

Award-winning Director of Photography Mehran Salamati is a veteran cinematographer with credits that range from feature films, IMAX films, nationally broadcast commercials, and television shows.

  • Length from 3' to multiples of 6'

  • Motion Control and Timelapse Capabilities

  • Wireless Capability

  • Height 2.5" Width 8" Length TBD by customer

  • Standard Motor up to 4' per sec.

  • High Speed Motor up to 35 MPH

BTS - Transformers
Original Slider with Wireless hot gear controller

Large Moves in Tight spaces


Repeatable moves fast or slow

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