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6ft Original Slider

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Camera travel:
Dry weight:
Shipping weight:
Shipping dim.:

32 pounds
72” x 8” x 2.5”
92 pounds
79” x 12” x 9”

6ft Orginal slider Top websize.png
6' opening shot.jpeg

The 6ft Original Slider™ camera-movement system offers long, dynamic movement. It’s perfect for car mounts or interior car work. With three Mitchell mounting options, the 6ft Original Slider™ locks down into any position you need. You can drop it onto two hi-hats, two sets of sticks, or an insert car. Or lay the 6ft Original Slider™ flat on the floor, keeping the camera plate just 2.5 inches off the deck.

You can also mount the 6ft Original Slider™ on the hood of a car or the front bumper to give you the ability to slide from one talent to the other. This can add energy to any shot. Or just lie static, using the Slider as a camera- positioning tool.

The 6ft Original Slider™ can serve as a second dolly. It comes with two junior pins to connect with junior rolling lamp stands (pictured below). This rig provides dynamic camera movement. And it can be quickly rolled around the set to get some very interesting shots.

slider plate .jpeg
Double sliding Plate

The 6ft Original Slider™ ​ is delivered with two junior pins and two Mitchell base adapters to connect with junior rolling lamp stands below. Creating a 2nd dolly in a flash. 

Car Mount
Take it anywhere

Lay it on a crap table, mount it on a camera car, or use it as a second camera dolly on a music video. The 6ft Original Slider™ is bullet proof and ready for action. The 6ft Original Slider™ is built for rigging in mind, offering multiple rigging pick points, you will always have options.

Over and under slung
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Nothing beats the "Original"

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