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6ft mini-Slider

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Camera travel:
Dry weight:
Shipping weight:
Shipping dim.:

30 pounds
72” x 8” x 2.5”
94 pounds
79” x 12” x 11”

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Any dynamic shot is possible

You can’t go wrong with the 6ft Mini-Slider™ camera-movement system. It offers the filmmaker instant creative opportunities and gives the camera operator and grips the tool to meet those challenges quickly and safely.

The 6ft Mini-Slider has the same design as the 5ft Mini-Slider, only it offers 12 inches more camera movement.


The biggest difference between our conventional Sliders (with 12-inch wide channels) and the 5ft and 6ft Mini-Sliders (with 8-inch wide channels) is the footprint. The conventional wide-channel Slider is heavier, and is therefore particularly suited for camera car work and second dolly or multiple camera applications. Both wide and narrow channels in 5ft, 6ft, or 8ft lengths offer sliding Mitchell and junior mounting points along the channel for rigging convenience.



Traditional OR LINKING?

The 6ft Mini-Slider uses the same bearings and rails as our other non-linking models, providing that effortless ice-on-ice camera slide that customers expect for seamless starts and stops. The 6ft Silent Mini-Slider (with square bearings) offers 66 inches of camera movement. This is a great choice for most typical applications.

The 4ft and 6ft linking Mini-Sliders (with round bearings) can be quickly and easily attached together for longer runs. The 4ft and 6ft linking Mini-Sliders can be used with our motion control system, or organically manual operated. Having the ability to quickly lengthen the run, adds more options to your shooting arsenal. The 4ft and 6ft Mini-Sliders easily handles all formats, both large and small.  

PLEASE NOTE: You must specifically request the 6ft Linking Mini-Sliders if you wish to connect them.

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Rigging Options

The 6ft Mini-Slider can be used for standard horizontal shots or rigged diagonally (see photo to the left) or vertically (as shown at the top of the page) for that elevator type of camera rise. Both kinds of 6ft Mini-Sliders can be underslung for those special car rigs or other creative shots (see middle & right photos). NOTE: Some special application camera shots may require additional rigging accessories, so please specify the intended use when ordering.

The 6ft Mini-Slider is very handy when you need to maximize the length of travel, but need to scale down on the width and the weight. Its narrow channel is perfect for placing the camera between car seats and its lighter weight helps when hanging the camera in difficult locations. Directors and cinematographers alike use this tool to design shots that were previously too time consuming or too impractical to be added to the shot list. When you need a bit more slide on your shot, ask for the 6ft Mini-Slider.


Nothing beats the "Original"

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