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In 1998, a couple of industry guys came up with a bright idea.

      Local #80 and #600 Key Grip/Steadicam operator, Ron Veto soc, and Local #80 Key Grip, Jerry Giacalone, combined their friendship and years of hands-on studio experience to produce the very first commercially available camera sliding system.

      Ron and Jerry wanted the name of their vision to easily roll off the lips while also describing what the product does.

The Slider…was original in concept and design, and The Original Slider…™ was born.

      Because of its numerous rigging options, the Original Slider…™, was an immediate hit with the Grips, helping to make their projects easier. Camera operators raved about its bullet proof design, and its precise, ice on ice, movement that made them look good. Timing makes champions, and The Original Slider…™ provided a tool to fill a needed vacuum in motion picture camera movement. Their motto: Keep it simple, make everyone look good, caught on and they’ve been rolling out new models and perfecting their design ever since.

      Both Ron and Jerry sincerely appreciate the support of the entire film community making this journey possible. Bring in the Slider!...™ A true Hollywood story.


Even after 24 years as business partners, Ron and Jerry are still best friends.

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Jerry has been a member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 80 for over 25 years. As a key grip on commercial shoots, he works elbow to elbow with the industry’s finest camera operators. This experience has given him the edge in designing The Original Slider™ Camera-Movement system. 



Ron veto SOC

Ron is a proud vested member of local #80 as both a Key Grip and Camera Dolly Grip. He is a member of the International Cinematographers Guild #600 as a Camera/ Steadicam Operator. In 2010 Ron was inducted into the Society of Camera Operators (SOC). Ron is a published travel photographer/ writer and book author. His work has been featured in gallery exhibitions and is the creator / Co-Owner of The "Original" Slider..., an internationally respected camera movement system. Ron stays busy traveling our world with his Nikons and operating camera on various film productions in Hollywood. He loves to talk Sliders.

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Manages booking, accounting, & office staff.

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Handles the day-to-day shipping and receiving of Slider rentals.


Responsible for general maintenance & shipping of Sliders. 

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MPS Studios Dallas & Austin
"They will treat you like family"

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