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4ft Mini-Slider

4ft Mini Slider.png


Camera travel:
Dry weight:
Shipping weight:
Shipping dim.:

30 pounds
48” x 8” x 2.5”
72 pounds
54” x 12” x 11”

4ft Orginal  mini slider Top web size co

The Mini "work horse" of the industry

The Mini-Slider series now includes a new 4ft length with the same precision bearings for that smooth “ice on ice” operation that we are proud of in all of our Slider™ camera-movement systems. The narrower 8-inch channel of the Mini series plus the 4ft length make loading into difficult locations a piece of cake.


As a camera platform, this Mini-Slider is built sturdy and strong to provide maximum stability. The new 4ft Mini-Slider offers the very same rigging and mounting options as the rest of the Slider family, to ensure easy and safe operation.


Keep it skinny to get the shot and have the distance

Because the 4ft Mini-Slider has a smaller footprint, it takes less space on the set and can be the perfect fit for car shoots and other limited spaces. And as with all Slider models, you can easily under-sling the new 4ft Mini-Slider or simply operate in the standard mode.

To quickly and effortlessly salvage an over-the-shoulder shot is invaluable. Easily sliding and adjusting just a few inches to get that perfect composition can make the difference between a print and a “take two”. This 4ft Mini-Slider does not sacrifice in strength or stability, so don’t be afraid to have fun with it.

4ft Orginal  mini slider Top web size co


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4' mini-slider rhet .jpg
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Nothing beats the "Original"

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