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The 30 inch Mini-Slider

30in Mini websize.png


Camera travel:
Dry weight:
Shipping weight:
Shipping dim.:

24 pounds
30” x 8” x 2.5”
56 pounds
37” x 12” x 9”

30in Mini Top websize.png

Our 30in Mini-Slider / Mini-Video Slider camera-movement system is sexy, strong and easy to use. It’s the smallest and lightest model we make. And the shooting applications are endless.

The Mini-Slider can be a life saver in the fast-paced world of television. To quickly and effortlessly salvage an over-the-shoulder shot is invaluable, sliding just a few inches to get that perfect composition. It can make the difference between a print and a Take Two.

Slider on the go

4' slider low on river.jpg

The baby of
the family

The Mini-Slider will make you look good. The Mini-Slider offers a ton of rigging options. You'll never be trapped by the Mini. The Mini loves the tight center console of a vehicle, sitting by the river, or out in the wild on a mountain top. The Mini-Slider loves the attention of working a busy multi-camera show, because the Mini is the star of the show. The option of being able to easily extend the reach and nest together with the other two cameras, gives the operators a fighting chance to get that crucially important tight eye line for a useable shot. 

Just have fun with it!

NTND5052.JPG mini.JPG
mini slider joel .jpg

"Industry Standard"

Rob Lowe 
the baby

Cameraman Rhet Bear
the quick extension option to safely maximize the sliders reach

Joel McHale
surrounded by mini-sliders on the set of

You can never get the camera low enough, the Mini-Slider is low profile sitting the camera plate 2.5 inches above the deck. The Mini-Slider carriage can easily separate from the rotating index to lay flat on the deck. 

Our Mini-Slider can also break free from the center position to quickly and safely extend the camera to an off-set position (application pictured to the right). Or you can just as easily bring the rig back towards the operator to fit or spoon the Mini-Slider to the most user-friendly position.

Our Mini-Slider can safely handle large format cameras. Its 31-inch length provides a total camera movement of 23 inches.

The Mini-Slider's index system offers infinite 360-degree positive locking positions. The red control knobs are easy to find, making it quicker to access brake and index changes. This Mini-Slider is user friendly for operators and grips alike.

Nothing beats the "Original"

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