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Slider on dolly 4.jpg

The "Original"

Special Thanks to JL Fisher

Only the Original gets the REEL shot

Meet the

WorldS smoothest Slider

3ft Mini.png
3ft Mini Top veiw.png


Motion Slider Long rails.JPG

The Big show of camera sliders

"Ice on Ice" camera movement that will make you look good

-Ron & Jerry

"Slide on"

Choose a width

The Mini

8 in

The Original

12 in

6ft Orginal slider Top web size 2.png
4ft Orginal  mini slider Top web size co

Choose a Size

30in Mini.png

The Mini 30 in

4ft Orginal slider profile websize.png

4ft Original

3ft Mini.png

3ft Original

3ft Mini.png

3ft Mini

4ft Mini

5ft Mini web size.png

5ft Mini

6ft Orginal slider websize.png

6ft Original

8ft Orginal slider websize.png

8ft Original

6ft Mini profile websize.jpg

6ft Mini

Made By professional grips and camera operators, for professional grips and camera operators.

Sliders in Action

6 Axis
of Repeatable Motion

No matter the length you will have support

Base to Baby sticks.jpg
Base to dolly.jpg
Mounting 1 Medium.png

Rigging Made

Mount with &
On Anything

Home_ rigging stairs .jpg
Home_ rigging made easy.jpg
Home_ rigging add.JPG
Home_ rigging add 4.JPG
Profile mini sliders copy.png
Rental Page with other incline.JPG
Repeatable 3 AND Bottom of rental page .jpg

the first slider meets, the Original slider™

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