8-Foot Slider
Motion Control Slider™ Camera-Movement System
on 8-Foot Base:

Camera travel: 84”
Dry weight: 68 pounds
Dimensions: 96” x 12” x 2.5”

Shipping weight: 150 pounds
Shipping dimensions: 102” x 16” x 8.5”

on 6-Foot Base:

Camera travel: 60”
Dry weight: 51 pounds
Dimensions: 72” x 12” x 2.5”

Shipping weight: 118 pounds
Shipping dimensions: 77” x 16” x 8.5”

Until now, motion control has been luxury -- It provides exciting options but it can be expensive, difficult to operate and unreliable. Enter our 6-foot and 8-foot Motion Control Slider camera-movement systems. Their quick set-up opens up your day to really explore and create that perfect shot.

6-Foot and
  8-Foot Motion
  Control Slider Our 6-Foot and 8-Foot Motion Control Sliders offer repeatable computer moves with speeds ranging from fast to extremely slow, saving you the drama and expense of a full motion-control team. Because the set-up and operation are so simple, the Motion Control Slider requires a single Slider tech to help program the unit. He works hand in hand with your Key Grip to make it happen quickly and efficiently.

The 6-Foot Motion Control Slider provides 5 feet of travel. The 8-Foot model provides 7 feet of travel. And you won't believe the range of speeds which they offer. The computerized hand control, or jog box, can be set to send a fully loaded camera seven feet per second, stopping with complete accurately. Or you can set the hand control to a crawl speed of a half inch every thirty seconds, or any speed in between.

You can also select a mode which will consistently feather a smooth slow start and finish the same way, settling gently, let's say, on a hero box of corn flakes.

The Motion Control Slider is quite versatile. It's a perfect tool for time-lapse elements and to combine live action or effects. Mounting onto a camera platform such as an insert vehicle, stunt sequences take on added life and energy, because the camera can constantly be on the move. Side to side, or in and out. Just imagine the creative opportunities. For instance, you could use the Motion Control Slider to capture a person's point of view flying off a 10-story rooftop. But you can do it while maintaining full control of the camera, capturing the effect you're looking for, without endangering anyone.

The 8-Foot Slider is the perfect size for car interiors. It works great for providing sexy camera movement. The Motion Control Slider can be mounted as a hood mount or side mount in a car. It can be mounted from the front seat to the back seat, or side to side so you can slide back and forth as the dialog plays out.

For car beauty shots, the Motion Control Slider is more easily positioned and smaller than a camera dolly. Reflections are minimized because of its smaller footprint. The Motion Control Slider allows you to start outside the driver's door, slide across the steering wheel, continue massaging the console, then the glove box and continuing right out the passenger door. Starting clean and ending the same way.

Cinematographer Rhet Bear was prepping for a Toyota Prius car shoot when he discovered the 8-Foot Motion Control Slider. "We needed a very slow camera move lasting 10 minutes." Bear stated. "The motorized Slider was not only exactly what we needed for the shoot, it took our commercial to a whole new level. Looking back I can't imagine the spot without it". (See the Prius spot above.)

Rigging the 8-Foot Motion Control Slider for this application was a snap. Like all our Sliders, the 6-Foot and 8-Foot Sliders are designed for easy rigging, always offering many grip rigging options. Each shot is different and grips require the basic pick points to safely mount any object, be it a camera, tripod or 20' x 20' frame. We understand the importance of these pick points. We build every Slider with rigging in mind.

Jeff Cronenweth, ASC, was recently challenged in a car spot. He needed a shot of the badge that would start clean and resolve in a move across the grill in a heroic beauty shot of the logo. Jeff says "The Original Slider's 8-Foot Motion Control unit was the answer. Not only is it directly attachable to the vehicle, it afforded me the opportunity to effortlessly pan, tilt, and slide laterally at will. It was the perfect solution to this complicated shot"

The Motion Control Slider offers two options for power: 110 ac power or because of its low power amperage, our Slider will run on battery power (a converter is required).

The Slider is mounted for a reveal of the Dodge badge.
The Slider is mounted for a reveal of the Dodge badge. Because the picture car was a stand-alone unit, it was free to drive and find the beauty light on the fly.

24 Director of Photography Rodney Charters using our motorized Slider

Motorized Slider™ Camera-Movement System

We also have available a 4-Foot Motorized Camera-Movement System driven by a hardwired Preston Micro Force. Completely hands on. This rig lets you reposition the camera on the fly for hands-free movement. This is particularly helpful when you need to distance the crew from a potentially dangerous scene. Because of its short travel, it's best suited for slow moves.

This unit is completely manual with no computer command, so no Slider technician is required.

LEFT: Cinematographer Rodney Charters ASC using the 4-Foot Motorized Slider with a Cannon 5D for the television show, 24.

Once you try the Motion Control Sliders and the Motorized Sliders, you will be impressed by their simple ease of operation and the incredible dailies they provide. To quickly and simply capture linear travel, the Motion Control Slider and the Motorized Slider are the perfect tools.


To reserve a Motion Control Slider™ camera-movement system or a Motorized Slider™ camera-movement system for your next shoot, call Teri at our business office, (805) 496–5289. Then email both your certificate of insurance and your purchase order to Teri@TheSlider.com or fax them to (805) 496–4802.


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