4-Foot Slider
4-Foot Slider™ Camera-Movement System

Camera travel: 36”
Dry weight: 46 pounds
Dimensions: 48” x 12” x 2.5”

Shipping weight: 92 pounds
Shipping dimensions: 53” x 19” x 10”

4-Foot Slider as a side mountThe 4-Foot Slider is our most popular model, as it offers the greatest flexibility. It’s small enough to get into tight spaces, yet long enough that it won’t limit your range of motion.

With the 3-Foot and 4-Foot Sliders, you have the option of being able to move the mounting from the standard center position to an offset position that extends the Slider’s reach. This feature comes in handy when shooting car interiors or tabletop, as it allows the camera to reach deeper into the car or farther across the table.

The creative applications are endless. For a second-floor window close-up, the 4-Foot Slider can be mounted on a Condor or other aerial platform. The camera can then slide from a wide shot into the close-up, eliminating the need for a zoom. Mounting the 4-Foot Slider on a crane or other ridable camera platform creates many other tasty opportunities, such as beginning or finishing an arm drop (or rise) with a nice move in or out.

Say you need to shoot a scene in a small locker room. The principal has to walk from the first locker to a locker on the opposite wall. Even the smallest dolly would have less than two feet to maneuver between the lockers and the permanent benches. With a 4-Foot Slider mounted on the dolly, you can slide back and forth along with the dolly to create a move from profile to profile. Your two-foot camera move is now a five-foot beauty.

Need to shoot with two cameras simultaneously? No problem. Simply remove the ratcheting mount under the Slider and replace it with the Ronford-Baker quick-release wedge plate. Put the fluid head on the dolly, then snap the plate (which is now attached to the Slider) on the head. The 4-Foot Slider accepts two camera plates and you can now pan and tilt both cameras together. For instance, for a music video you could mount two cameras, one wide and one tight lens, spooning the cameras as close as possible to each other. You could then operate them as one unit.

John Seale checks the frame through one of his Slider-mounted camerasThe Slider’s engraved index marks make it easy to find and repeat camera positions. And it helps the camera assistant maintain critical focus, so everyone looks good.

Both the 3-Foot and the 4-Foot models have a unique smooth-stop index and an adjustable-tension brake, features you won’t find on any other Camera-Movement system. This allows the operator to pre-set stop marks to control the camera’s range of motion.

A Ronford-Baker quick-release plate is also included.

John Seale, ASC, ACS checks the frame through his Slider-mounted camera.

Slider handle Slider brake Slider swivel release lever



Swivel Release Lever

smooth-stop index Slider with pins Slider swivel release lever underview

Smooth-Stop Index

Slider With Pins

Swivel Release Lever (Underside)

To reserve a Slider™ camera-movement system for your next shoot, call Teri at our business office, (805) 496–5289. Then email both your certificate of insurance and your purchase order to Teri@TheSlider.com or fax them to (805) 496–4802.

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